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Actualizado: 26 de jun de 2020

All the time, people tell us: “after the pandemic, nothing will be the same; we’ll go into a new world and we must adapt to it ”. Convinced that it’ll be the case, the tourism actors in Cuenca -one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador- are gradually adapting the city's tourist services to the new modality, to receive and guarantee a pleasant and safe stay for future visitors.

Since May, the food and accommodation sectors, travel agencies, operators, tourist transport, guides and other members of this value chain, apply biosafety protocols in each of their establishments, to pass an inspection by the Tourism Ministry and the Municipal Foundation. The objective is to gradually restart its activities.

These measures involve the disinfection of the premises and its surfaces; temperature control of its visitors and staff, special handling of food, prioritizing electronic payments and social distancing, etc. All the accommodation options in and outside the Historic Center of Cuenca have responsibly assumed these measures and will soon reopen.

But how will we receive you in Cuenca?

If you come on a flight: at the Mariscal La Mar airport -located 15 minutes from the Historic Center of the city- its staff will control the capacity of people. In addition, the capacity of the waiting rooms has been reduced and protective screens have been placed to separate the counters and chairs in the departure rooms. The airport is prepared with a Medical Unit from the Health Ministry.

If you come by car: ground transportation between cities and provinces also has important security measures. They will take your temperature and disinfect your hands before entering the unit, users and drivers will use protective equipment. The consumption of food is prohibited inside the cars, which will also always be ventilated.

What does Cuenca have for you?

In 1999, the Historic Center of Cuenca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In its extension you can enjoy heritage houses with flowery balconies, palaces, theaters, open-air flower markets, temples, the Cathedral, churches, restaurants, cafes, museums and various markets. You can’t leave without visiting the small “corpus” sweet shops, an Eucharistic and gastronomic tradition (mostly in June). Outside the Historic Center, you will be able to visit the residential area of ​​the city, with modern styles in its buildings, shops and fun activities.

What makes Cuenca different from other cities?

 Photo: Diego Toral
Portal: Luis Cordero and Simón Bolivar streets.

They say that "Cuenca's water is the purest in Latin America"​​... and so it is, thanks to the treatment carried out by ETAPA, our public company has the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for the processes of production of Water, as well as the ISO 17025 Accreditation of the Drinking Water Laboratory. It has achieved the quality control of the water distributed in the urban and rural sector of the city.

On the other hand, Cuenca is recognized as a particularly clean and tidy city. We have an effective waste collection system. The people of Cuenca also recycle: Monthly - the 121 workers and 55 drivers who work in this system - collect 176 tons of inorganic recyclable waste.

To all of this, it’s added the “Tranvía”, a modern transport system that is friendly to the environment and adaptable to inclusive, comfortable and active mobility.

Cuenca´s TRAM

In Cuenca, you can live with nature

Cuenca is full of green, it’s almost impossible not to notice. Thanks to the Municipal Public Cleaning Company, EMAC, approximately 460 hectares of green spaces, between parks, river banks and megaparks, are perfectly preserved. So during your stay, you must schedule a time to practice sports, prepare a picnic, read, or simply oxygenate your mind in the midst of a unique and unmatched natural landscape, on the banks of the Tomebamba river, Yanuncay or El Barranco. You will only experience this here.

Yanuncay Biological Corridor

Cuenca"s Rural Side

Barranco: Tomebamba´s river side.

In Cuenca you will be safe, even in your dreams

Hotels staff in Cuenca are trained to receive you with all the preventive regulations. Upon arrival, you can check in electronically or expressly. You must comply with the disinfection of your hands and shoes, and check your temperature. Once inside, both the counter and the staff will be ready to respect social distance and invite you to take a break in one of the rooms. Do not forget to put aside all the clothes in which you made your trip.

Cuenca is surrounded by wonders

30 minutes from the Historic Center of Cuenca, we find the Cajas National Park. A protected paramo of 28.544 hectares and more than 1.000 bodies of water. This is one of the most important water sources in the city, also under the care of ETAPA EP.

If you are a lover of nature, here you can walk along the trails of 235 lagoons and their valleys, meet some llamas and wild rabbits, and if you're lucky, a white-tailed deer.

Cajas National Park

You can also visit Baños, famous village for its natural pools of thermal waters with medicinal and healing properties for the skin, rheumatic pain and the elimination of toxins.

Baños Village

The smells and flavors of Cuenca are waiting for you

Without a doubt, Cuenca's gastronomy is one of the most delicious in the world. Their home flavors, grandmother's recipes, trends and fusions, make our dishes go beyond the famous mote pillo, locro of potatoes, meats and delicious drinks such as pítimas water.

Nowadays in the city you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, in typical restaurants, that satisfies the most demanding and refined palates.

Traditional Gastronomy

In this way, Cuenca prepares to welcome you with open arms, keeping your distance and ensuring that your stay will be an unforgettable experience.

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